Request an Appointment with the Math Major/Minor Advising Center

Appointments and Walk-In Advising

Appointment availability and walk-in hours are shown in the appointment calendar below. Appointments are 20 minutes, beginning on the hour or half-hour. Walk-ins are on a first-come first-served basis (no appointments), and meant for quick advising sessions of at most 10 minutes. If you wish to declare the major or if you are a new transfer student, please schedule an appointment. Students can declare the math major during priority registration.

Calendar not working?  Google calendar does not work well with some versions of Internet Explorer.  Please try another browser (Google Chrome is suggested).

Attention Math Minors:

We are happy to add the math minor for you via email; please use this alternate form to send your request. During priority registration, appointments are reserved for math major advising only; math minors are always welcome to stop in during walk-in advising.

Degree Checks: If your advisement report shows your math minor as "satisfied" with no substitutions needed, you do NOT need a math advisor to sign off on your degree check, per University policy.

Please check the calendar below and choose three possible times marked "Appointment open", beginning on the hour or half hour; you can type directly in the fields to edit them.  It may be necessary at times to scroll ahead to next week:


*Be sure to double-check your email address below, as appointment confirmation will be sent to the address you specify.  

You should receive an automatic confirmation that your submission was received by our system, typically within a few minutes.  Please check for a message from; if you do not see a personal response within 1 business day, please check your spam or junk folder, or "All mail" folder, if you have one.

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